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so you want to be a genius

* Artistically gifted children may see the world differently than other youngsters do. They are able to discover advanced compositional techniques many years before their peers.

* These precocious children tend to be selfmotivated and deeply interested in horning their skills.

*These early signs and others are helping researchers to predict witch children are likely to pursue art as adult.


When it comes to cultivating genius, talent matters, but motivation may matter more.

Psychologist have identified three critical elements that support motivation, all of which you can tweak to your benefit.

autonomy – whether you pursue an activity for its own sake or because external forces compel you, psychologist argue that you gain motivation when you feel in charge. In evaluations of students, athletes and employees, the researchers have found that perception of autonomy predicts the energy with which individuals pursue a goal.

value – motivation also blossoms when you stay true to your beliefs and values. Assigning value to an activity can restore one’s sense of autonomy, a finding of great interest to educators.

competence – as you denote more to n activity, you notice your skills improve, and you gain a sense of competence. (…) Carol S Dweck,  a psychologist at Stanford University, has shown that competence comes from recognizing the basis of accomplishment. In numerous studies, she has found that those who credit innate talents rather than hard work give up more easily when facing a nvel challenge because they assume it exceeds their ability. Believing that effort fosters excellence can inspire you to keep learning.


dintr-un numar genial Scientific American Mind – The mad science of creativity.

de citit pentru toti cei care cred ca inspiratia vine din cer, iar geniile nu mai trebuie sa faca nimic pentru ca oricum sunt destepti. de citit pentru parintii care nu inteleg cum sa le vorbeasca copiilor care au o lume interioara mai puternica decit cea pe care o exprima prin cuvinte.

de citit in general. e la chioscuri. pe net nu gasiti articolele din print.

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