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HouellebecqHOUELLEBECQ despre singuratate si casatorie

HOUELLEBECQ despre singuratate si casatorie

INTERVIEWER What about marriage?

HOUELLEBECQ :I think that there is a sharp contrast for most people between life at university, where they meet lots of people, and the moment when they enter the workforce, when they basically no longer meet anyone. Life becomes dull. So as a result people get married to have a personal life. I could elaborate but I think everyone understands.

INTERVIEWER So marriage is just a reaction to . . .

HOUELLEBECQ To a largely solitary life.

Dintr-un interviu mai vechi din Paris Review, in care recunoaste ca plinge la anumite pasaje din carti:)

(…) that’s what I like best in literature. For example, the last pages of The Brothers Karamazov: not only can I not read them without crying, I can’t even think of them without crying. That’s what I admire most in literature, its ability to make you weep. There are two compliments I really appreciate. “It made me weep,” and “I read it in one night. I couldn’t stop.”


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