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premiile festivalului de la venetia 2009

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The 66th Venice International Film Festival ran 2nd to 12th September 2009.
The International Juries awarded the following prizes:
Venezia 66
– Golden Lion for best film: Lebanon by Samuel MAOZ (Israel, France, Germany)
– Silver Lion for best director: Shirin NESHAT for the film Zanan Bedone Mardan (Women Without Men) (Germany, Austria, France)
– Special Jury Prize: Soul Kitchen by Fatih AKIN (Germany)
– Coppa Volpi for Best Actor: Colin FIRTH in the film A Single Man by Tom FORD (USA)
– Coppa Volpi for Best Actress: Ksenia RAPPOPORT in the film La doppia ora  by Giuseppe CAPOTONDI (Italy)
– “Marcello Mastroianni” Award for Best New Young Actor or Actress: Jasmine TRINCAin the film Il grande sogno by Michele PLACIDO (Italy)
– “Osella” for Best Technical Contribution: Sylvie OLIVÉ for the film Mr. Nobody  by Jaco VAN DORMAEL (France)
– “Osella” for Best Screenplay: Todd SOLONDZ for the film Life during Wartime by Todd SOLONDZ (USA)
– Orizzonti Prize to Engkwentro by Pepe Diokno (Philippines)
– Orizzonti Prize for Best documentary to 1428 by DU Haibin (China)
– Special Mention to Aadmi ki aurat aur anya kahaniya (The Man’s Woman and Other Stories) by Amit Dutta (India)
Controcampo Italiano
Controcampo Italiano Prize to: Cosmonauta by Susanna NICCHIARELLI (Italy)
Kodak will offer to the awarded director 40,000 euros in negative film stock – 35 or 16mm, chosen by the winner – to shoot a new feature film.
– Special Mention: Negli occhi by Daniele ANZELLOTTI and Francesco DEL GROSSO (Italy)
Corto Cortissimo  (Prizes awarded on 10th September 2009)
Corto Cortissimo Lion for Best Short Film to Eersgeborene (First Born) by Etienne Kallos (South Africa, USA)
Venice Nomination to the European Film Awards 2009 to Sinner by Meni Philip (Israel)
Special Mention to Felicità by Salomé Aleksi (Georgia)
“Luigi De Laurentiis” Award for a Debut Film
– Lion of the Future – “Luigi De Laurentiis” Venice Award for a Debut Film to Engkwentro by Pepe DIOKNO (Philippines) – ORIZZONTI
as well as a prize of 100,000 USD, donated by Filmauro, to be divided equally between director and producer
Persol 3-D Award for the Best 3-D Stereoscopic Film of the Year  (Prize awarded on 11th September 2009)

– Persol 3-D Award: The Hole  by Joe Dante (USA)


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