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daniel-radcliffmari actori despre alti mari actori

mari actori despre alti mari actori

2011’s Entertainers of the Year selectati de Entertainment Weekly si vazuti de mari artisti.

descrierile mele preferate vin de la Gary Oldman si Meryl Streep si aveti 2 fragmente mai jos. restul clasamentului care mai contine texte de Julia Roberts, David Fincher etc il gasiti aici

Daniel Radcliffe

What I admire most about him is that he doesn’t rest on his laurels. He doesn’t think the world owes him because he’s played Harry Potter. He took lessons and learned to dance and sing, because he knew that once Potter was over, he would be swimming in the stream with all the other salmon. I was sad to see Potter go, but happy, too. It was not goodbye. Dan is going to continue to work and mature and develop his skills. And, I think, continue to dazzle. —Gary Oldman

Viola Davis

Nothing phony, nothing unfelt, unearned. 
I know she is a serious actress, she took her training seriously and works hard at her craft. She is a ­special woman, too. Her humanity marches out in front of her; her kindness, her fierceness, her unwillingness to compromise, her stubbornness make me love her too. But none of that explains the special empathy she sets up between us and the women she brings us close to, so close we breathe with them.
You don’t watch Viola, you live it with her. —Meryl Streep


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