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Mia Wasikowska

Nu stiu cine o impresariaza pe Mia Wasikowska, dar trebuie sa fie cineva important pentru ca ea apare in topul celor mai influenti 100 de oameni ai anului, top realizat de revista Time.

Actrita vedeta la Cannes in filmul lui Gus Van Sant, Restless, are in Time un portret scris de Glenn Close.

I met Mia Wasikowska in Dublin this past winter when the snow fell for days and sheets of treacherous ice covered the city’s walkways. She was wearing what I soon realized was her signature outfit: a peaked knit hat with earflaps, a black cloth coat, skinny black pants and fabulous, very hip brogues. Her gaze was open and direct, although her smile was shy and sweet. I found her instantly intriguing.
Mia, 21, is a sun, not a satellite. She generates her own energy. She’s seductive because she’s not compeled to reveal everything.
Her shyness has made her an acute observer. At the same time, she loves a good joke, loves to laugh and can suddenly have the boisterous physicality of a teenager. Mia will be many things in life and will defy expectation because she’s brilliant and curious and not fooled by what most people define as success. I will relish her journey and only hope she will be in my life for a very long time.

m-am intrebat in fiecare an, la fiecare aparitie a editiei the time 100 – the world’s most influential people, daca textele sunt scrise direct de semnatari sau sunt asezate in cuvintele potrivite de un redactor in urma unei lungi discutii cu semnatarul (Intotdeauna sunt lucruri personale, e evident ca e parerea celui care semneaza).
Oricum ar fi, imi place tare editia aceasta de time, din fiecare an.
Super jurnalism in texte de 3 paragrafe.

ce zice Gus Van Sant la Cannes?

Gus Van Sant spoke about being selected for Un Certain Regard:
“It’s always fantastic and fabulous to be at the Festival de Cannes. Today the selection for Un Certain Regard is quite different from the 1990s. Now it’s become a really important part of the Festival and in any case, in Competition, in Un Certain Regard, in the Director’s Fortnight or whatever, I’m always glad to be here.”

And about his way of directing movies:
“I talk to people a lot so they relax, so they don’t feel like they’re passing an exam. Like Clint Eastwood, I try to make sure the atmosphere stays calm during the shoot.”

Mia was enthusiastic about her role in Restless:
“When I read the script, I could almost see Annabel in front of me. She has such a strong personality, I really enjoyed playing her character. She knows she is going to die, but she is full of joy.”

Jason Lew explained why there were no mobile phones or social media in the film:
“It’s a deliberate choice. I wanted the film to be timeless and I didn’t want it to be about two kids who are always on Facebook, especially as they are two completely unique, non-conformist characters.”


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