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1153231832-hr-187Just Kids – Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe

Just Kids – Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe

citesc autobiografia lui Patti Smith axata mult pe relatia ei cu fotograful Robert Mapplethorpe.

Just Kids – Patti Smith

pina la comentarii, citeva fragmente :

We used to laugh at our small selves, saying that I was a bad girl trying to be good and that he was a good boy trying to be bad. Though the years these roles would reverse, then reverse again, until we came to accept our dual natures. We contained opposing principles, light and dark.

Robert loved to hear of my childhood adventures, but when I asked about his, he would have little to say. he said that his family never talked much, read or shared intimate feelings. they had no communal mythology; no tales of treason, treasure and snow forts. it was a safe existence but not a fairy tale one.
“You are my family” he would say.

It was exciting just to stand in front of the hallowed ground of Brirdland that had been blessed by John Coltrane, or the Five Spot on St. Mark’s Place where Billie Holiday used to sing, where Eric Dolphy and Ornette Coleman opened the field of jazz like human can openers.
We couldn’t afford to go inside. On other days, we would visit art museums. There was only enough money for one ticket, so one of us would go in, look at the exhibits, and report back to the other.

Robert was not especially drawn to film. his favorite movie was Splendor in the Glass. The only other movie we saw that year was Bonnie and Clyde. he linked the tagline on the poster: They’re young. They’re in love. They rob banks” he didn’t fall asleep during that movie. Instead, he wept. and when we went home he was unnaturally quiet and looked at me as if he wanted to convey all he was feeling without words.

Our mutual sense of code manifested in many little games. the most unshakable was called One day – two day. the premise was simply that one of us always had to be vigilant, the designated protector. if robert took a drug, I needed to be present and conscious. If I was down, he needed to stay up. If one was sick, the other healthy. It was important that we were never self indulgent on the same day.


Robert Mapplethorpe

Patti Smith

si citeva dintre lucrarile lui Mapplethorpe (ceea ce imi aduce aminte de un post pe yahoo360 care mi-a fost interzis pe motiv ca era pornoshag desi erau foto de Robert Mapplethorpe:) )


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