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too much Obama – familia – 60 minutes cbs

Kroft: What was your conversation like the next morning at the breakfast table with the kids.

Michelle Obama: Yeah, everyone was tired.

Mr. Obama: Because they had been up until midnight.

Michelle Obama: They had been up. But we got up and went to school. But we went to school late. Barack, you slept in. You know, so I think we were just back into the routine. Our hopes are to just to keep the girls moving. It’s like okay , Daddy’s president-elect, okay, we can get to school by 10. And we got to the school and the folks at the school were excited. Some people were cheering as I walked the kids to the class. And I remember Malia saying, ‘That’s embarrassing.’ But you know, it was a pretty normal day for us.

60 minutes – d la CBS
cea mai mare audienta a emisiunii in ultimii 10 ani, la acest interviu
transcriptul integral aici


too much Obama – time.com

Should Barack Obama have to give up his BlackBerry when he becomes President?

intrebare de sondaj pe time.com.
asa tare imi vine sa cred ca e reclama mascata la Blackberry:))


30% Yes
70% No
Total: 6302 votes

* partea serioasa, aia cu securitatea nationala bla bla, dar si cu campania lui f smart pe networking via internet aici
via mr P, ca el e citit la politici

sunt gata sa pun pariu ca omul anului la Time, in numarul d sf d an, va fi Obama.:)


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