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sagesohieraboutface1portrete emotionante ale persoanelor cu paralizie faciala

portrete emotionante ale persoanelor cu paralizie faciala

frumusetea e din lumina. din cum cade lumina pe chip, dar si din lumina zimbetului. si lumina care vine dinauntru. si te atrage.

iata citeva portrete foarte emotionante ale unor persoane cu paralizie faciala, un exemplu perfect despre frumusete.

fac parte dintr-un proiect care se numeste About Face al artistei Sage Sohier pe care viata a purtat-o pentru 3 luni intr-o clinica in care erau multe persoane cu paralizii.

 When looking at someone with partial facial paralysis, we are in a sense seeing two versions of the same face at once, with each side conveying different emotions. Like gazing at a cubist painting, we observe multiple facets of someone in a single instant. As a visual artist, I find myself fascinated by the intensity of glimpsing two expressions simultaneously, a literal ‘two-facedness’ that mesmerizes by its terrible beauty. Sage Sohier

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