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genius-cover2The Genius Issue  – Benedict Cumberbatch si Alan Turing

The Genius Issue – Benedict Cumberbatch si Alan Turing

Time Magazine are in editia de saptamina aceasta un story lung dedicat lui Alan Turing – “the man who pioneered computing, also forced the world to question what it means to be human”.

pe coperta e Benedict Cumberbatch care-l interpreteaza pe Turing in filmul The Imitation Game care are astazi premiera in America.

povestea incepe asa:

Alan Turing, the intellectual father of the modern computer, had a theory. He believed that one day machines would become so powerful that they would think just like humans. He even devised a test, which he called “the imitation game,” to herald the advent of computers that were indistinguishable from human minds.

But as benedict Cumberbatch’s performance in the new movi The Imitation game shows, Turing;s heroic and tragic lfe provides a compelling counter to the concept that there might be no fundamental difference between our minds and machines.

Povestea nu este online decit pentru abonati, asa ca am sa va transcriu aici citeva momente cheie din articol.

Whici is what makes the Turing story especially compelling. He was the seminal theorist conceptualizing the idea of a universal computer, he was part of the secret team at Bletchley Park, England, that put theory into practice by building machines that broke the most fundamental question of the computer age: can mashine think?


In a 1950 paper, he began with a clear declaration: I propose to consider the question – Can mashine think?” Whit a schoolboy’s sense of fun, he invented his “imitation game”, now generally know as the Turing test, to give empirical meaning to that question. Put a mashine and a human in a room, he said, ans send in witten questions. If you can tell which are from the human, then there is no meaningfull reasons to insist that the machine isn’t “thinking”.

Viata lui Turing, dincolo de cercetarile sale in “procesul mecanic” al matematicii, a fost una foarte tumultuoasa. Era gay, a vrut sa ascunda asta pentru ca il judeca societatea, in cele din urma a fost condamnat pentru comportament sexual bizar si supus unui tratament cu hormoni pt un an de zile. S-a sinucis muscind dintr-un mar in care injectase cianura, asta pentru ca a fost fascinat intotdeauna de povestea Albei ca Zapada.

in Time e si un interviu cu Cumberbatch despre cum este sa interpretezi un geniu si actorul spune “These people are all incredible different personalities, in their bodies as well as in their minds. The unified thinks we could talk about are pretty obvious. A lot of them come up against obstacles, whether they’re bureaucratic or conservative. They’re pushing against a sort of unrelenting, unforgiving world that doesn’t want anything out of place or muddled with or made different.
Somethimes that’s viewed as arrogance. My argument in humanizing these people – through sort of being an actor who empathizes with his characters – is that (that arrogance) is born out of necessity. It’s not something to judge them by”.

Filmul are premiera in Romania pe 30 ianuarie anul viitor

Editia din aceasta saptamina time, mai contine si un dosar cu cele mai importante 25 de inventii ale acestui an, pe care le gasiti aici


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