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mesaj de la Mike Sager pt mine – happppppppppy

“Mike Sager: if you are friends with my man Radu you must be a writer… i am happy to meet you…”

am gasit asta de dimineata, pe pagina mea de facebook, si brusc am devenit cel mai happy om din lume.
multa vreme am dormit cu cartile lui Sager la cap; si-acum am foarte aproape de pat Wounded Warriors si mi se pare minunat ca mi-a acceptat add friends-ul la facebook, ba chiar mi-a si scris citeva cuvinte.
in fiecare an de craciun, de citiva ani incoace, cind lumea vedea filme cu clopotei si reni, eu ma uitam la Veronica Guerin, film inspirat din viata unei jurnaliste irlandeze. anul asta, n-am mai vzt filmul, am citit articolul lui Sager care a stat la baza filmului. tocmai ce imi luasem din america cartea lui, “Scary Monsters and Super Freaks – stories of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and murder”


stiu ca pare o copilarie bucuria asta, dar asta e… cum stiu ca o sa am nevoie de multe ore ca sa-mi fac curaj sa-i raspund…


zic sa faceti putin cunostinta cu mike sager, in caz ca nu-l stiati. cu un fragment dintr-un articol pe care eu il iubesc f f tare.

You live in your body everyday of your life. Things change slowly, inexorably, in increments too small to measure. You gain weight, you lose weight, your hair falls out. Your skin slackens, your voice thins, your bones become brittle, your ankles swell. Your prostate and a piece of your colon are removed. Your back bends with the weight of gravity and passing time. You wake up twice during the night to pee; once in a hile, you wet your pants. Crossing your legs has become a project that requires your hands; getting out of a chair has become a gymnastics routine; eating a bowl of soup has become a logistical feat. Whenever you go to the store, you can’ remember if you have coffee at home.

You ask people questions several times over. Sometimes, just as you‘re asking, you realize that you’ve already asked this same question, that you ‘ve already heard the answer. You go ahead and ask again anyway. It’s too embarrassing to do anything else.

All of this happens; everything changes. But the odd part is, you don’t really notice. You’re aware of it, sure, but somehow it doesn’t integrate. Deep down, to yourself, you are always just you, the same pair of eyes in the mirror, the same familiar voice inside your head still wondering, “when will I feel grown up?”

Mike Sager, Old pentru Esquire 1998


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