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neil_patrick_harrisCine sunt cei care au refuzat sa prezinte Oscarurile 2015?

Cine sunt cei care au refuzat sa prezinte Oscarurile 2015?

Academia Americana de Film a anuntat in aceasta dimineata cine va fi prezentatorul Oscarurilor din 2015 Neil Patrick Harris ,care pe linga actorie stie si ceva magie, e si cintaret, dar si producator.

Insa odata cu numele cistigatorului a aparut si lista celor care au refuzat sa mai participe: Ellen Degeneres, James Franco, Anne Hathaway, David Letterman, Seth MacFarlane, Chevy Chase, Chris Rock,Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

E foarte surprinzator prentru toata lumea ca nu i-a fost propus lui Jimmy Kimmel care are clar toate datele necesare sa capteze o audienta internationala.


in cover Neil Patrick Harris.

iata-l pe Kimmel intervievindu-l aseara pe Keanu Reeves:)

baldwinAlec Baldwin, David Letterman si o lectie despre televiziune

Alec Baldwin, David Letterman si o lectie despre televiziune

Alec Baldwin are o emisiune radio in care intervieveaza tot felul de oameni importanti. radio-ul se numeste WNYC, emisiunea Here’s the Thing.

cel mai recent interviu pe care l-a difuzat e cu David Letterman, iar ora de emisie, transcrisa integral aici, e o lectie de televiziune pentru oricine face divertisment.

interviul e mi-nu-nat.

poate o statie radio din Ro se gindeste sa faca ceva similar:) avem zeci de oameni minunati de la care am putea invata meserie in jurnalism, radio, televiziune. oameni care nu mai apar de ani buni in public.

mai jos citeva fragmente din emisiunea lui Baldwin

Here's The Thing

Alec Baldwin: When I came to show business and I was in Los Angeles, and I was like Gomer Pyle. I swear to God. I came to work in these –

David Letterman: Really, I have trouble that you were Gomer. Really.

Alec Baldwin: No, I don’t mean in terms of lacking any sophistication, but I’ll never forget the first job I got. I go to an audition. I had done the soap in New York, and they paid you, you know, a very small amount of money, and I thought I was Rockefeller. They paid you $450 bucks a day, I was the richest member of my family. My dad was a school teacher with six kids; he didn’t make any money. I go out to L.A., and I’ll never forget. When I go to the old Lorimar, which is now Sony. And I go to the gate at Lorimar, I say Alec Baldwin, and he’s like, ‘Here’s your map. You’re parking in Building 67, ninth floor, slot Red 12.’ And they send me to like the Ukraine. I gotta go all the way – and I go, ‘Now, where’s the office I’m going to for the meeting?’ He goes, ‘Right over there. You’re right next to me.’

So I go, I park the car, trod all the way down, do an audition for the show Knots Landing. I get done, I leave the thing – and no cell phones then; this is 1983 – and so I pull up to a phone booth. I call my agent; it’s late in the afternoon; they’re still in the office. He goes, ‘How did it go?’ I go, ‘How did it go? I think it went pretty well.’ ‘Pretty well? You moron! They want to hire you.’ And I go, ‘You’re kidding me.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, of course. We’re making a deal right now; we’re closing the deal right now. You’re gonna get 25 for the pilot and 12-5 an episode.’ I swear to God, coming from my background, I went, ‘Golly! Y’all gon’ pay me $2,500.00 for the pilot and $1,250.00 per episode every week? And he’s like, ‘No, you moron! They’re gonna pay you $25,000.00 for the pilot and $12,500.00 an episode.’ And I literally urinated in my trousers. Now I’m standing in a phone booth on the corner of like Walker and Washington in Culver City, and the guy tells me this, and that’s when my life changed.


David Letterman: I do a lot less work than I used to do. I just got to a point where I have no patience for meetings so I don’t go to any meetings. I can’t make decisions anymore; I don’t like making decisions. We have a dozen producers. They can have the meetings and they can make the decisions, and I’ll just come down and somebody tell me what to do and we go.

Alec Baldwin: But if was different before.

David Letterman: Yeah, I used to be involved in everything big and large. I don’t think that was necessarily good, but at the time I thought it was what was required. When you had your own show, you had to have everything in your view and certainly influence each little choice.

Alec Baldwin: The guests that are on the show, do you still help select the guests, or someone else takes –

David Letterman: Yeah, we have people who select them. Occasionally I will think of, ‘Oh, I heard about somebody that did so-and-so. Could we look into that,’ and this and that. Very little. Very little.


Alec Baldwin: You started in radio?

David Letterman: Yeah. My first job was at a radio station at –

Alec Baldwin: You went to college?

David Letterman: Went to Ball State University. I studied radio and TV.

Alec Baldwin: Why did you study radio and TV?

David Letterman: Academically, I went to Ball State in those days, graduated with a – would it be Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science?

Alec Baldwin: I’d say Bachelor of Science probably back then, but who knows?

David Letterman: Yeah. No language requirement and no math requirement. I’m in! It really saved me because academically I was not very good. Early on, I was very lucky that I knew how to save myself. Sophomore year in high school, and I signed up for a public speaking course. The first day, you were supposed to get up and extemporaneously speak for five minutes. Everybody’s twitchy and sweaty and worried about this, as was I; and then I got up there, the nervousness and the twitchiness and everything dissipated. I love it, and I thought, ‘Oh, my God, maybe this is a way I can distinguish myself.’ And I did.


David Letterman: (…) I can remember two episodes: one I had forecast sunny and dry, and we’d go off the air and blah, blah. I go outside, there’s this horrible thunder shower. The rain is coming down in sheets, and I was just 20 feet away, just oblivious of this dangerous –

Alec Baldwin: Monsoon.

David Letterman: Yes, coming through one of these violent, Midwestern summer thunderstorms coming through, attacking the station. I got to be well-known because the Sunday night show was on after the ABC Sunday Night Movie. In those days, that was big programming.

Alec Baldwin: Big show.

David Letterman: We got a bunch of complaints, and this was when people were wearing bell-bottom pants. I don’t think you could buy regular pants. Got a lot of calls about, “He’s either not wearing underpants, or he needs to wear underpants.” That’s how I distinguished myself.

Alec Baldwin: Do you want to clear that up now? Were you wearing underpants?

David Letterman: Oh, of course I was wearing underpants; it was Indianapolis! We’re not taught to go out without our underwear.

Alec Baldwin: Yeah, good God, we’re Americans!

David Letterman: Whatever problem was perceived was not mine, I assure you.

Alec Baldwin: Right. Then where do you go from there?

David Letterman: In terms of underpants?

Alec Baldwin: Well, if you wish


citit tot dialogul aici, e lung dar e spumos si fiecare dintre cei doi da foarte mult “din casa”. cum ziceam mi-ar placea foarte tare sa avem si noi asa ceva la o statie radio.


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