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S_McCurrySteve McCurry – on Timisoara Revolution, stories on people’s faces and… shyness

Steve McCurry – on Timisoara Revolution, stories on people’s faces and… shyness

“Are you married, do you have your own family, are you single?”
This was the line of questions I was asked by Steve McCurry, one of the most famous photographers in the world, within less than 2 minutes after walking into the conference hall of the Carlton Hotel in New York where the interview was going to be taken. I was the interviewer and he the interviewed.
Strangely enough, I did not mind him asking. I smiled; there was nothing ostentatious in his attitude.
When I walked into the room, Steve McCurry was on the phone to one of his staff arranging a trip abroad on the 10th of January. It was the 30th of December (2011), McCurry was coming from a long photo session, and the following day he was going to make three portraits of families from Europe, within the project Hotpoint Family Portraits. I wanted to walk out and return when he would have finished his conversation, but he invited me to sit on his right hand side, at a large conference table.
He was dressed in black: jacket and shirt, trousers and shoes. Nothing striking. And he did not have his camera with him. When he finished his telephone conversation he started interrogating me: “Do you live in Bucharest? Are you a blogger? Do you know my blog?”; then – as I confessed not having seen his latest blog post – he invited me to take a look on the telephone. “It is about old age”, a series of touching photographs with elders in various poses, in various corners of the world. He particularly liked a photograph from Macedonia, with two elders (a man and woman) leaning against each other as they climbed up a mountain path.
“You may find just as beautiful things and people in Romania too. You must come”, I said as he was passing his finger on the telephone screen for me to see the rest of the photographs…
That’s when he asked: “Are you married, do you have your own family, are you single? What would your boyfriend say if you went on a trip with me? Would he feel threatened?” …and started laughing…


Steve McCurry (61) is one of the most famous photojournalists, holder of major awards in photography for his testimonials from the main conflict zones in the world. The “Afghan Girl”, the photograph featuring on the cover of National Geographic Magazine is one of the most recognized photographs in the world, possibly also because 20 years later, McCurry returned to Afghanistan to search for her, without knowing her name, only relying on her photograph and her green eyes, and this experience was recorded in a documentary film. Actually, portraits are his “personal brand”, as he manages to grasp on each face expressions that tell as much as a novel or a film.

When you meet for the first time someone you are going to portray, what are you looking at?

There are people with very powerful faces, they have emotions on their face, faces that tell stories. Some characters can be read on the face. I am fascinated with what a face can tell. Because every each of us has several “faces”… Some are very common, others very beautiful, but beyond it you sometimes see faces with something archetypal on them, something extremely powerful…

And how do you convince them? I guess many are shy… They are common people and you convince them to look
into the camera and the result is such a natural image…

Not quite… You can have people relax. I think everybody wants to be liked, we want people to like us and if you walk up to somebody and tell them “I think you are awesome, extraordinary and I would very much like to portray you because you seem to be such a wonderful person”, most people would stop for you on the street… Most agree exactly because you placed them there, you gave them that position…

Because they have an ego…

Yes, but also because they want to participate, to be helpful, and especially not to let down. If someone tells them “you are so beautiful”, they won’t tell you not to take a photograph of them, although they might not agree with what you are saying. It is the information they want to honour by accepting they’re photographed.

Sometimes they don’t know who you are, they don’t know your work.

It is not important who I am. I am simply another person just like them. You must win their confidence and you sometimes can be convincing and then when they see how excited I am they can get excited. They want in, they want to share the experience… because ‘look this guy is holding a camera, he seems like a good person, he’s well mannered… I should help out.” But you must choose the right time, the right words. When we speak, our expression changes and you can lead the way.
If I’d be talking to you about something serious now your expression would turn serious; if I am funny – tell a joke – you are likely to smile. Even if out of politeness. You can help people turn the way you want them to. Then, you need to be experienced to quickly understand reactions of the body, the moment you’re asking for something, how to relate with certain type of a person, the light, the background… And how to manage it all in a few seconds…

But sometimes they don’t speak English, they’re poor Indians or countrymen from Paraguay or street children in

This doesn’t matter, because if I laugh or act congenially, you will smile…

So you’re an actor?

I wouldn’t say that… Look, we just met. Really, we actually just met. (He laughs) I may choose to tell you any story – a funny or a sad one – and get what I want from you – in terms of your facial expression. It’s not about acting but about sharing an experience with somebody, and relate to them, create a connection in a certain sense…

After graduating college, Steve McCurry went to University to study cinematography and filmmaking, graduating however magna cum laude in theatre arts in 1974. For two years he worked for a magazine but resigned to become a freelance photographer. His career was launched when he illegally crossed the Afghan border before the Russian invasion and recorded Taliban life in its most intimate stances, often facing death “naively” as he later confessed. His photographs featured on the covers of Paris Match, New York Times etc., and has since faced death in some other occasions.

If you were to choose a photo to describe your life, which would it be?

Life is so complicated, it is difficult to describe it in one sentence, or one idea… (takes a few long moments to think looking down at his shoes). Maybe the photograph of the child running on an alley between two walls painted in children hands… That might be the image to represent me (ed. note, the photograph makes the cover of the book Steve McCurry: The Unguarded Moment )

Your name is always mentioned in relation to the “Afghan Girl” but I am sure that there are many other
photographs you have taken that you like just as much.

Certainly, like the photographs taken in India of the sand storms (ed. note: you may see one of these photos here), or the one with the mother and son looking out of a car’s window, in India again. The old woman at the pedestrian crossing in Yugoslavia… There are many photographs just as great but people decide what they like and you can’t control their taste.

You must have taken millions of photographs in the over 30 year’s career. Do you ever think that you might lose
your archive?

We live with so many fears, fear of losing one’s life, fear of losing one’s friends… You can’t live in fear all the time, you do what you can and let life go on. I archive them and to all I can to preserve them safely, but the rest… whatever happens…

Talking about life, were you ever afraid of losing yours?
Many times.

And why do you continue?
This is a question I don’t have an answer to… It is a mystery, it is the same with war photographers and journalists… I think we want to witness history, to see events which were not recorded yet. We want to be where history is being written because, after all, we live a common, boring life… And you want to see the change, the transition, you want to see how others deal with situations you will never find yourself in.
A good example is the Romanian transition, Timisoara and the Revolution – those where moments which changed the life of many people. Something like this never happened to me.

What where you doing then?

I was in Belgrade, I came by car and stayed only for 2 days in Timisoara. Those were historical moments. I was driven by the curiosity and the possibility of documenting in my own way such a historical moment, a deep change in the history of Romania. I would like to return to Romania. I would like to have stayed more than the 2 days in Timisoara 20 years ago, to have gone to several places, see more of what happened.


When he is not in some remote corner of the world to photograph wars or the human face of the most difficult, controversial moments, Steve McCurry holds photography workshops in New York or India, the country which taught him how to see life. According to his rough calculations, in 2012, he spent less than 4 months in New York, where his home is.

Did you ever think of stopping? Of quitting this profession?
No, never. Not even for a second.

Did you ever go on holidays without your camera?
No. I always have the camera with me, although I’m not always taking photographs, but one never knows…

If you were to chose a place to go to without your camera, just to relax, where would you go?
Italy maybe… Without a camera? (sighs)… Japan. There are places where I like to go, without needing the camera or my profession to visit and I like Japan… But you know it is more than unlikely for me to go anywhere without my camera.

I know… You are now working until the last day of the year.
Yes, but this is not unusual to me. Sometimes you can’t control things, and they happen when it can take place. But that’s ok, I don’t mind working on the last day of the year.

How much holiday did you take this year?
I don’t make such estimates, it’s not how I look at my days. If I enjoy life and what I do it is wonderful – with or without holidays. I don’t think about holidays, I think about something interesting, exciting – something to keep me going, to make me happy, to fill me with positive energy. This is more important to me than holidays. Then you are filled with many joys and peace and serenity. This is more important to me than lying on a beach and sunbathe or… whatever people do on the beach.

But I still believe people need relaxing…
Oh, certainly. But relaxation can come in different forms, people are different and some relax in the mountains, others on beach or in a country where they have wine…

And how about yourself?
I watch a movie…

You have met many people. Is there still anyone whose encounter can make you feel uneasy, nervous with having to meet?
Yes, but I can’t think of many of those, maybe Meryl Streep or Sean Connery… I don’t think so much about meeting stars…

I wasn’t talking necessarily about stars, but rather wanted to know if you’re ever shy in front of someone you meet…
Sure, I am sometimes intimidated by some gestures, some people. I am a very shy person in my private life but I can hide my shyness in many ways and force myself to overcome my fears and limits…

In your home do you display on walls photographs that you have taken?
No, nothing, there are no photographs at all.

But do ever accept being photographed?
Mmmm, no.

Why not?
I never thought about it, I don’t know. (he pauses for a while). I sometimes accept my photo being taken, but not usually, I do it very rarely.

Ok, I believe it, you are a shy.
Yes, I told you: I am shy.


We said goodbye in the hotel lobby; he was going to walk home as he lived a few blocks away and I went up to my hotel room thinking of his awkward smile while he blushed saying, “I told you I was shy”. Only later did I realize that the line of questions about my life at the beginning of the conversation was one of his tricks: it was his way of complimenting me (he was interested in my life), as well as setting his ground, somehow taking control. And that, actually, those questions spoke indirectly of his shyness. Perhaps that was why I did not mind the questions.

The following day, at the photo session for the portrait of the Romanian family within the HotPoint Family Portraits project I realised that Steve McCurry is that kind of people who want to “leave a trace”, leave something meaningful behind him – either it is a documenting of an historical event, or a photograph which will have the place of honour on some family’s mantelpiece in some corner of the world.

And I saw that despite his shyness, you can hear him say when making such a beautiful gesture as the present to the family Babos from Cluj (an album with their family photographs): “Let’s take a picture together.”

In a few days, the portrait Steve McCurry made for the Baboses from Cluj will be public, and then I will tell you about his involvement in the Hotpoint Family Portraits project.
(The photograph is a self-portrait that Steve McCurry made for the project Kodakchrome – he was the photographer to use the last roll produced by Kodak, this is frame 32. You can see more photographs by Steve McCurry on his blog.)


here is a romanian version of this interview

jucarii magazincel mai frumos magazin din lume

cel mai frumos magazin din lume

zilele trecute la NY am fost in cel mai frumos magazin din lume. magazinul care stie sa-ti exploateze dorintele tale de Peter Pan, de joaca si de relaxare, dar care – in acelasi timp – te face sa te simti cel mai important om din lume…  FAO Schwarz – cel mai mare magazin de jucarii din lume.

daca esti printre primii care intri in magazin la ora 10 cind se deschide magazinul, ai parte de un ritual special: toti vinzatorii formeaza un culoar de-alungul unui covor roshu si te aplauda. tu intri ca la marile ceremonii, pe covorul roshu, si zeci de oameni te aplauda. e semnul lor de multumire ca le calci pragul.

e un raion in magazin care-ti permite sa -ti faci singur papusa pe care ti-o doresti: e un papushar care te ajuta, dupa ce tu alegi nasul, ochii, parul, hainutele, accesoriile. la sfirsit pleci acasa cu papusa ta, diferita de a oricarui altcuiva.

sunt raioane de jucarii pe trei etaje (sau doua? – nu mai stiu pentru ca era urias magazinul) , cu colturi de lectura unde vin actori care citesc pt copii, cu colturi de magie unde magicieni te invata trucuri…. in general, in orice loc din magazin ai voie sa pui mina pe orice si sa experimentezi cum e sa te joci cu orice jucarie. sunt copii (banuiesc ca si adulti) care stau cite o zi intreaga in magazin…

dar cel mai tare si mai tare mi-a placut oferta lor speciala de Craciun: cind magazinul nu s-a deschis inca, pe la 8 dimineata, poti sa iei micul dejun in raiul jucariilor (alaturi de Mos Craciun), iar soldateii de plumb – acum cu glas uman – sa te invete jocuri si sa-ti faca un tur complet al magazinului.

distractia suprema: un pian urias pe care poti cinta cu picioarele. si soldateii au facut o demonstratie de cintecel, dar si copiii din proiectul Hotpoint Family Portraits au avut concertul lor care sfida orice regula a muzicii, dar era un exemplu de limbaj al bucuriei.

in fata pianului urias, cu 11 familii din toate colturile europei alaturi mi-am dat seama ca limbajul copiiilor e acelasi oriunde ai fi. nu conteaza cum se spune “te rog” in limba in care s-a nascut, copilul de 2-3 ani va spune cu aceeasi tonalitate muzicala si va “scinci” la fel. si intr-un fel unic in lume se va intelege cu un alt copil care traieste intr-o alta tara si are o alta limba. se va intelege, imprieteni si se va juca foarte frumos.

si-am mai avut certitudinea inca o data ca nu conteaza citi ani ai: oricind faci ochii mari in fata lui Mos Craciun si vrei sa-l atingi. oricind te-ai distra cu toate jucariile pe care le descoperi.

cind am plecat de la FAO Schwarz, Liliana – fetita de 3 ani a familiei din Italia – a spus usor in soapta “Ciao Padre Natale” si-a facut cu mina catre Mos Craciun. iar mosul care zimbea si facea cu mina la revedere, i-a raspuns in limba lui “bye bye”.


daca aveam nevoie de o demonstratie pentru universalitatea valorilor si limbajului familiei, Indesit via proiectului sau Hotpoint Family Portraits mi-a oferit-o: sigur ca erau familii mai traditionale sau mai moderne, cu mai multi sau mai putini copii (sau fara copii – precum familia din Portugalia), ca erau pensionari (ca familia din Spania) sau activi si la inceputul carierelor (majoritatea familiilor), dar la baza, in esenta sentimentelor lor, toti erau la fel: niste copii mari cu sau fara copii mici.

mi-a placut in cel mai frumos magazin din lume.

robertO fotografie de familie, part 5

O fotografie de familie, part 5

si-a fost sedinta foto romaneasca cu Steve McCurry pentru proiectul Hotpoint Family Portraits.

pe 31 decembrie, ora 13.30, ora NY, a venit o frumoasa limuzina in fata hotelului Carlton din Manhattan cu care familia Babos a mers la locul in care urma sa-l intilneasca pe Steve McCurry.

destinatia? un loft spectaculos: prin tavanul de sticla se vedea Empire State Building!

la 10 minute de la sosire a venit si Steve McCurry impreuna cu echipa sa ( 4 barbati si o femeie). Cum veneau de la o alta sedinta foto pentru acelasi proiect, primul lucru pe care l-au facut dupa ce si-au carat bagajele a fost sa-si scoata sandwich-urile din geanta si sa manince in fata primei mese pe care au gasit-o.

intre timp Robert a adormit si, cum spaima principala a familiei Babos era ca micutul nu va zimbi, s-a luat decizia ca familia din Romania va face fotografii dupa ce se va trezi copilul; asa ca s-a schimbat planul si au inceput pregatirile cu familia din Polonia (care repeta sedinta foto pentru ca cel mai mic din cei patru copii ai lor plinsese la prima intilnire cu aparatul lui Steve McCurry).

o ora mai tirziu, Laura a intrat la make-up, in timp ce familia din Polonia era pe terasa loft-ului si zimbea frumos la fotografii.
ca la un facut, cind polonezii au terminat si Steve a revenit in loft pentru a aseza aparatele pentru noul cadru, Robert s-a trezit plin de energie si de zimbete.

s-a asezat cadrul: un amestec de magie si concentrare – McCurry s-a plimbat in jur, parind un profesor care inspecteaza dupa fituici, a spus “aici”, unul dintre baieti a adus aparatul, a tras citeva cadre ca sa stabileasca incadrarea dupa care McCurry a inceput cu solicitarile “un fotoliu aici, mutati masa, ferestrele sa fie libere, fara perdele, indepartati oglinda”

dupa alte 20 de min, in care s-au facut probe cu asistentii lui McCurry in loc de dubluri pentru Laura si Andrei, familia Babos a trecut la munca.

s-au asezat la cadru, li s-a explicat ce trebuie sa faca si toata lumea si-a concentrat privirea pe Robert care, dupa citeva minute de stat cuminte, a vrut si altceva. asa ca toti cei patru asistenti ai lui McCurry (plus subsemnata) au inceput sa faca tumbe in spatele camerei foto cu toate jucariile din dotarea familiei Babos. dar Robert nu voia sa stea atit de mult timp intr-un singur loc (dormise, avea energie).
Andrei a venit cu ideea salvatoare de a se juca de-a calutul prin loft, adica il tinea in brate si-l alerga in sarituri prin jurul locului unde faceau fotografia si cind Robert ridea mai tare, Andrei il aseza rapid in locul stabilit pentru foto. in urmatoarele fractiuni de secunda parintii se coordonau: miini, zimbete, barbie etc, iar McCurry declansa in viteza.

Cred ca Andrei a facut cel putin 10 ture cu Robert prin loft, dar ambitia lui de a avea o fotografie frumoasa l-a facut pe McCurry sa exclame “smart boy”.

la sfirsitul sedintei foto, Laura i-a facut un cadou lui McCurry, un album cu fotografii din cele mai importante momente ale familiei ei, iar Steve a fost atit de impresionat de gest, incit i-a intrebat ” nu vreti sa facem toti trei o fotografie?”

cu o seara inainte McCurry imi povestise ca nu ii place sa apara in fotografii, asa ca intrebarea lui catre familia Babos (si fotografia care a urmat) a fost un minunat cadou pentru ei, in semn de apreciere pentru efortul pe care l-au depus in timpul sedintei foto.

acea fotografia e darul pentru ei si nu va fi facuta publica, insa fotografia pe care McCurry le-a facut-o in sedinta foto va fi publica in mai putin de o luna si va fi parte dintr-o frumoasa campanie in care se vorbeste despre valorile familiei.


Dupa 6 zile alaturi de familii din toata Europa participante la campania Hotpoint Family Portraits stiu ca limbajul copiiilor e universal indiferent de limba pe care o vorbesc.

Am sa va povestesc miine despre asta, tot atunci si un emotionant interviu cu Steve McCurry.

Hotpoint este un brand Indesit Company

2012-ballDe An Nou

De An Nou

cind era ora 12 in romania si practic incepea 2012 pentru noi, eu eram intr-un studio foto si ma uitam la unul dintre cei mai mari fotografi ai lumii (Steve McCurry) cum fotografiaza o familie de romani pentru proiectul HotPoint Family Portraits. era ora 17.00 la NY.

cind a venit miezul noptii aici, in NY, eram linga Statuia Libertatii si ma uitam la focurile de artificii alaturi de citeva sute de oameni din toate colturile lumii.

anul asta, mai mult ca niciodata, am simtit ca simbolul Revelionului si al Noului An e doar o conventie. ca e mai important ce credem si simtim noi, indiferent de cit e ora intr-un colt al lumii. si daca e nevoie de o asemenea bariera imaginara a timpului ca sa ne facem promisiuni sub forma “rezolutiilor de an nou” sau ca sa ne “resetam” si sa o luam de la capat, atunci… fie.

dar stiti ca putem face asta in alt orice moment.
e nevoie doar de curaj, perseverenta si dorinta de a face si a-ti fi mai bine.

La multi ani! Sa aveti mai multe “revelioane” intr-un an!

Family_Portraits_poza_castigatoare (2)O fotografie de familie, part4

O fotografie de familie, part4

pentru Laura, Andrei si Robert Babos astazi e ziua cea mare. la ora 15 (la NY) incepe sedinta lor foto cu Steve McCurry pentru proiectul HOtpoint Family Portraits.
Au emotii, dar eu stiu ca o sa fie bine pentru ca am petrecut aseara o incintatoare ora cu Steve McCurry.

Am aflat ca celebrul fotograf a venit la Timisoara in decembrie 89 si a fotografiat Revolutia, dar mi-a promis ca mai vine si vom incerca sa-i aranjam o vizita anul care tocmai vine. cind l-am intrebat daca mai e cineva pe care si-ar dori sa-l (o) intilneasca, dar o intilnire care sa-l emotioneze, a inceput sa traga de timp. m-a pus sa repet intrebarea de citeva ori, spunind ca nu intelege, desi replicase din prima “adica cineva ca Dalai Lama?”… dupa o vreme a raspuns: cred ca Meryl Streep sau Sean Connery.

am multe povesti minunate despre el si o marturisire simpatica ” da, sunt timid”. marturisire de la cineva care a fotografiat toate marile situatii de conflict contemporane ale lumii si multe dintre cele mai mari vedete ale lumii.

in curind tot interviul. dar si detalii despre cum a fost la sedinta foto

altfel, avind in vedere ca sedinta foto este planificata sa dureze 3 ore, anul nou (dupa ora romaniei) il petrecem alaturi de Steve McCurry.

Hotpoint este un brand Indesit Company

ToshibaTimesSquarebanii din times square

banii din times square

ieri in Times Square cautam “bila” magica care in noaptea anului nou face ceva tumbe (anul asta cu participarea lui Lady Gaga).

bila era ascunsa, dar au scos-o la lumina pentru niste probe, ocazie cu care am descoperit ca sub ea e o reclama toshiba.

cum bila aia va fi fotografiata de milioane de oameni, se va vedea la toate televiziunile din lume, cam cit costa publicitatea de acolo?

asa am ajuns sa aflu ca…” 500K people pass through Times Square every day. Another 10M see Times Square on TV through programs like Good Morning America; $69M is spent on advertising in Times Square every year. The average sign generates 1.5M Impressions/day. The average sign costs $200K/month” conform Advertising Age.


One Times Square is an iconic location, located at the corner of 43rd Street and Broadway. It’s best known as the place where the ball drops each New Year’s Eve. Covered with the most expensive billboards in the world, the 25-story building sports company names like Toshiba, Budweiser and Dunkin Donuts.

“We’ve already gotten significant visibility,” said John Costello, who’s in charge of marketing for Dunkin Donuts, the biggest chain store in New York City. The Dunkin Donuts billboard, which prominently features a Dunkin Donuts cup in front of a city skyline, was erected in June.

Costello said Dunkin Donuts decided to invest in the location to enhance the company’s brand nationally and globally. With an estimated 500,000 people walking through Times Square every day, in addition to all of the postcards, tourists’ photos and live shots on TV, images of the Dunkin Donuts ad multiply quickly.

And Costello paid a price for that visibility, although he wouldn’t say how much. Neither would one of the owners of One Times Square, Sherwood Outdoor. They say the price is confidential. But others in advertising say companies will pay as much as $4 million a year and commit to 5- to 15-year, non-cancelable contracts to secure one of the 12 coveted spots on One or Two Times Square.

Coca Cola has been on Two Times Square for almost 80 years, accompanied by Samsung for 20 years. The Fortune 500 companies are buying one thing: a location that millions of people will see.

Many say a billboard in Times Square is like a TV ad during the Superbowl.


familia Babos isi continua aventura new yorkeza. ieri, dupa un tur al orasului, a vazut un minunat spectacol de Craciun la Radio City Hall, unde cel mic, Robert a stat nemiscat – cu ochii-n scena – o ora si 20 de minute. si are 1 an si jumatate!

dar despre astea, pe larg, in curind.


Ma aflu la New York pentru a vedea cum se realizeaza fotografiile din proiectul Hotpoint Family Portraits si pentru a realiza un interviu cu Steve McCurry, autorul fotografiilor acestui proiect.

Hotpoint este un brand Indesit Company.

FelicitareO fotografie de familie, part2

O fotografie de familie, part2

va mai amintiti de povestea Laurei – tinara pasionata de fotografie care a inscris citeva cadre in concursul Hotpoint Family Portraits si acum va fi fotografiata de Steve McCurry? daca nu, ii puteti citi povestea aici 🙂

aventura ei, a lui Andrei (sotul) si a lui Robert (baietelul lor de 1 an si 6 luni, aniversati chiar astazi) a inceput: sunt la New York intr-o vacanta minunata care are ca punct culminant ziua de 31 decembrie.

nu e vorba de Revelion (desi acesta e programat pe un yaht privat cu oprire la miezul noptii la Statuia Libertatii), ci de sedinta foto cu Steve McCurry (unul dintre cei mai celebri fotografi din lume, autorul fotografiei “Fata Afgana”- care a fost pe coperta National Geographic). alaturi de ei alte 11 familii din europa pe care le vom cunoaste curind.

primul pas al aventurii – lunga calatoria cu avionul – a trecut foarte usor mai ales ca Robert a fost foarte cuminte si a dormit o parte importanta din drum in bratele lui Andrei…

Robert e de fapt vedeta acestei calatorii pentru ca, desi are doar 1 an si jumatate ( ieri intr-un restaurant american i s-a urat deja Happy Half-birthday Anniversary ) comunica cu parintii lui foarte interesant: a fost la un curs de limbajul semnelor si acum are tot felul de “coduri” pentru lucrurile pe care nu stie inca sa le pronunte. e foarte simpatic limbajul lui, o sa va arat zilele viitoare citeva dintre semne.

iata-l cu o urare de sarbatori, in felicitarea familiei Babos

astazi e in plan o excursie in New York (fotografii mai spre seara la noi, dimineata la voi); daca va intoarceti pe blog o sa aflati treptat povestea unei familii care in loc sa faca sarbatorile alaturi de familie la Cluj este la capatul celalalt al lumii, la New York, ca parte dintr-unul dintre cele mai interesante proiecte de fotografie dar si antropologie din lume.


Proiectul Hotpoint Family Portraits, realizat în colaborare cu Steve McCurry, a atras peste 8000 de fotografii ale familiilor europene, în care participanții au încercat să surprindă esența familiei lor, premiul concursului fiind o sedință foto cu celebrul fotograf. Pe baza acestor date, Hotpoint a continuat proiectul cu un studiu pan-european care și-a propus să identifice trăsăturile generale ale noilor profiluri de familie din fiecare țară și să realizeze o hartă sociologică a transformărilor apărute.

Citeste aici cum sunt familiile din Europa acum, conform analizei realizata de Camillo Regalia, profesor ce predă Family Social Psychology la Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore din Milano și Președinte al ESFR (European Society on Family Relations)

Hotpoint este o marcă înregistrată a Indesit Company.


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