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binoche danseaza

la londra. pina in 5 oct. cu mulatrul pe nume Akram Khan, care a lucrat cu peter brook.


When she was filming Minghella’s Breaking And Entering in London in 2006, her shiatsu masseuse, a friend of Khan’s, asked her if she wanted to learn to dance. Binoche did and loved what she’d seen of Khan’s work. Her masseuse introduced them and they spent three days working in his studio.

Was it chance, I suggest. “Intuition,” she prefers. “I see life as being a movement in you that has a certain certainty but you can’t hang on. It’s like a healthy earth – you’ve got to put air in it, you’ve got to ask questions and move it in order not to become stuck in your thinking.”


“In film, we have to get intimate very quickly. You’re showing your soul – you have to get naked, sometimes physically but mostly emotionally. Dancers don’t really get involved emotionally that much because it would be too much – they’re so close physically all the time, the body becomes like a tool.”

She and Khan, she says, are aiming for both kinds of closeness. “To put emotion and body together – it’s a weird experience because it’s a very intimate relationship.”


interviul cu binoche aici – desigur, minunat scris, la mare distanta d ce s-ar scrie la romania


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