portrete – tom cruise by tony duran

“he is sitting on the gilmore girls television show bench in the midlle of a movie studio lot at midnight! the set happened to have snow on it, and it was the only set I could actually see at midnight because there were no lights. I couldn’t really look around and see what other kinds of locations there were, so I went to see the one that had bright light. I had 15 minutes to shoot him “as is” , and he just come driving up in a golf cart and told me that he was Tom. I slapped my jacket on him and said ‘sit on that bench, let’s go!’ ”

fotograful tony duran in The World ‘s Top Photographers (and the stories behind their greatest images) cu un exemplu f real despre cum se fac marile fotografii la care rivnesti cind le vezi in reviste. cel mai adesea in timp scurt, folosind la maximum intuitia si prezenta de spirit a fotografului.
am primit cartea de la Karin, cadou de ziua mea. si-o luase pt ea, dar s-a gindit ca eu am sa ma bucur daca mi-o da ( si m-am bucuuuuuuuraaaaat tare tare). e o privire intima in lumea fotografilor.

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