Damon Weaver, pustiul de 11 ani care l-a intervievat pe Obama

A boy journalist from south Florida finally landed his coveted interview with U.S. President Barack Obama, who fielded questions about his basketball skills, education funding, and whether students could have mangos for lunch every day.

Damon Weaver became an Internet sensation during the 2008 presidential campaign and has long sought an interview with Obama. He even went to Washington for Obama’s inauguration in January, but was unable to get through security lines for the ceremony.

Weaver, who already has a full scholarship to Albany State University in Georgia, created a buzz last year when he interviewed now-Vice President Joe Biden. Closing the bit, Weaver quipped: “Senator Biden is now my homeboy.”

At the end of his latest interview, Weaver asked Obama if he would also like to be his homeboy.

“Absolutely,” Obama said.

“Homeboy” is slang for “friend.”

(Via Mr P)

uitati-va la picioarele micutului, cum trepideaza cind pune intrebarile. delicios.

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