grupa mare a presei: istoria a doua coperti la fel

people si us weekly au iesit pe piata cu aceeasi coperta cu Sandra Bullock.

motiv pentru blogul de media de la New York Times sa intre in culisele realizarii copertelor pentru revistele people

iata fragmentele mele preferate, de citit printre rinduri πŸ™‚ (declaratiile ii apartin directorului de fotografii US Weekly, Brittain Stone

“The requests for covers we get are, ‘Let’s get her sad, but pretty.’ Or, ‘We need her looking strong and confident, but a little damaged,'” Mr. Stone said. “You have these incredibly subjective things you have to look for — you’re trying to convey these moods you’re planting on top of these celebrities.”

β€œThe more aggressive approach for People would have been, essentially, to buy out all those sets, buy out the junkets,” Mr. Stone said, β€œbut at that point they would have been spending upwards of, maybe, six figures for something like that.”

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