prietenie – part 2

Wallace and Franzen weren’t just friends; they were part of each other’s writing lives. They had one of those passionate, competitive, creatively useful friendships you sometimes see between writers: Coleridge and Wordsworth, Fitzgerald and Hemingway. “To use, in Dave’s honor, a tennis metaphor, I felt like I had a good hitting partner”, Franzen says. “We had very, very different methods, but I could never comfortable feel, Oh, I have this thing sewn up. Because there was always Dave, goddamn it, being incredibly brilliant.”
by Lev Grossman

tot din Time-ul de saptamina asta, in care Jonathan Franzen e cover story.

pe asta am transcris-o de dragul celor care scriu “in echipa”.
nu mai transcriu alte fragmente, va fi on line curind pentru cei interesati.

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