Jack Nicholson la 73 de ani

Dailymail publica un minunat interviu cu Jack Nicholson care la 73 de ani are relaxarea de a vorbi despre cele lumesti, dar si despre moarte.

imi place mult descrierea din debutul articolului si spiritul lui Nicholson pe care-l simti in fiecare propozitie din intregul articol.

Nicholson is everything you expect him to be in the flesh. He smells of expensive car-seat leather and nicotine. He speaks in strange, complex riddles. He allows a 30-minute interview to run on for an hour and 40 minutes as he talks about everything from mortality to drugs to heartbreak. He is charming, fascinating, funny, strangely vulnerable and completely original in every way.
‘If men are honest, everything they do and everywhere they go is for a chance to see women. There were points in my life where I felt oddly irresistible to women. I’m not in that state now and that makes me sad.”

o bijuterie jurnalistica, un exceptional interviu semnat de Louise Gannon/ Daily Mail

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