Granta: All I Know About Gertrude Stein

Granta Magazine publica free o nuvela a lui Jeanette Winterson cu o structura minunata. simpla, calda si eficienta.

povestea se numeste All I Know About Gertrude Stein si incepe asa…

In 1907 a woman from San Francisco named Alice B. Toklas arrived in Paris. She was going to meet a fellow American living there already. She was excited because she’d heard a lot about Gertrude Stein.

In 2011 a woman from London named Louise was travelling by Eurostar to Paris. Louise was troubled. Louise was travelling alone because she was trying to understand something about love.

Louise was in a relationship; it felt like a ship, though her vessel was a small boat rowed by herself with a cabin for her lover. Her lover’s ship was much bigger and carried crew and passengers. There was always a party going on. Her lover was at the centre of a busy world. Louise was her own world; self-contained, solitary, intense. She did not know how to reconcile these opposites – if opposites they were – and to make things more complicated, it was Louise who wanted the two of them to live together. Her lover said no – they were good as they were – and the solitary Louise and the sociable lover could not be in the same boat.

And so Louise was travelling alone to Paris.

I am Louise.
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in romania, Janette Winterson e tradusa la Humanitas; toate titlurile traduse aici

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13 years ago / Reply

I just love her! Sexul ciresilor e fenomenal si Scris pe trup la fel. Iar Portocalele nu-s singurele fructe e de un umor fantastic. e una dintre scriitoarele mele preferate.

13 years ago / Reply

si mie mi s-a facut dor sa recitesc din ea, dupa aceasta nuvela… pup

13 years ago / Reply


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