legaturi magice intre frati

gemeni nedespartiti au murit la citeva ore distanta, la 92 de ani

uite o poveste despre a fi frate, despre prietenie, despre legaturile nestiute intre rude (gemeni, mai ales).

in urma cu citeva zile, doi domni de 92 de ani au murit la citeva ore distanta. erau calugari si majoritatea lucrurilor in viata le-au facut impreuna; inclusiv moartea.

They lived in separate rooms at the St Bonaventure Friary but had one telephone line that rang into both, a colleague at the friary told AP.

The twins, originally named Jerome and Irving, never said who was born first. Upon joining the Franciscan order in their 20s, they took the names of saints.

“They had this intimate bond, in which neither was selfish at all,” their cousin, Michael Riester

mai multe aici, via Mr P

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