lucruri s!mpa care sa va inspire

George Lois unul dintre cei mai mari art directori din lume, intr-un interviu inspirational care va aparea in nr 6 al revistei It’s nice that

On the power of art“Art is the most important thing in my life. I go to MoMA every Sunday, religiously. There’s an epiphany in every room. There’s probably 20 epiphanies in every room. Understanding the history of art, understanding the history of culture and movies—old black and white movies—and ballet and sports and all these things in the world is so incredibly important. It allows us to truly understand the culture, the zeitgeist of the time. Not only does it allow us to understand it, to report on it, but it allows us to be ahead of it. To literally be ahead.”

On clarity of vision“In my first year at the High School of Music and Art [New York] we had a poster class in which we had to do a poster for a country. I think I had Switzerland, so I got a photograph of the Alps—two, three, four beautiful mountains, one after the other, an aerial view. I put big type on the bottom that said‚ ‘Switzerland,’ and then I separated two of the mountains with a gigantic hunk of Swiss cheese. I had this design sense, a sense more to do with design than art, from the time I was very young. I understood that to do a poster you have to include an element of surprise. My teacher didn’t get it. She said‚ ‘George, the Swiss cheese is so out of proportion to the mountains.’ I think I said something like, ‘No shit!’”

iata citeva coperte simpa, de peste tot din lume

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scuze pt offtopic, ti-am dat leapsa 🙂 vezi pe blog, e o heppy leapsa.

11 years ago / Reply

🙂 frumos, prestez zilele viit, multzam

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