polymorphic love diagrampolymorphic love diagram

simpa Matthew Stone

Matthew Stone e un artist britanic a carui deviza este Optimism as cultural rebellion.
iata citeva dintre lucrarile lui, instalatii cu picturi/fotografii.

si un fragment dintr-un text scris de el despre frumusete:

If beauty is unavoidable, as I feel it is, it should be taken on and developed with thought and sensitivity. If anything can now be considered beautiful. That means that the morality of beauty is not inside it, but in how we process the experience of it, develop ideas surrounding it and ultimately where we choose to perceive it. Beauty is like love, dangerous but not to be avoided! It has great power that can easily be used to harm oneself and others and like any other aspect of humanity, the pursuit of beauty has been abused and manipulated for material gain. But, beauty is not simply a false invention tacked onto a primordially beauty-free world by soulless marketeers. It is a gateway to limitless possibility.

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