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the newyorker are saptamina aceasta un profil despre omul din spatele succesului lui Justin Bieber si al altor citiva adolescenti americani care au urcat in topuri fulgerator – Scooter Braun care are 31 de ani!!

The man who made Justin Bieber.


Braun studied the careers of influential behind-the-scenes guys, especially David Geffen, who moved from the William Morris mailroom to the music business and eventually co-founded DreamWorks. “David Geffen was a Bruce Wayne to me,” Braun said. “He was extraordinary, but at the same time his talents were something that I could dream of and could fathom. I’m a normal Joe. But, with a lot of effort, I’ve got a shot at being Bruce Wayne.”


In the beleaguered music industry, few managers can afford to focus on just selling music anymore. When Braun met David Geffen, at a party a couple of years ago, he said that Geffen had one bit of advice for him: “Get out of the music business.” So Braun has been converting his twelve-person company, SB Projects, into a many-faceted organization: it now has film and TV arms (Braun recently sold a scripted show, and has reality shows in development), a publishing division, and a technology-investment unit, in addition to a label and a management company.
Universal Music Group, one of the “big four” record companies, recently signed a distribution deal with Braun’s label and named him its first technology “entrepreneur in residence.”


At 10 A.M., he got into the passenger seat of a black BMW that belonged to his assistant, a twenty-four-year-old named Teddy Riley, and reviewed his schedule. As often happens, he was supposed to be several places at once: a rehearsal with the Wanted for the NBC show “The Voice”; an interview that Spike Lee was conducting with Bieber for a documentary about Michael Jackson; and a video shoot with Cody Simpson, a fifteen-year-old Australian singer. Braun said that he wanted to go to all three events. Riley stepped on the gas: “It’s gonna be tough, but we can make it happen.”

On a Wednesday in June, Bieber was scheduled to perform on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. Braun arrived early, wearing a “Star Trek” T-shirt and his Army cap, and sat watching backup dancers run through “Boyfriend.” Bieber, who now lives with a friend, in a ninety-four-hundred-square-foot house, was supposed to get himself to the rehearsal, but he was already an hour late. “Where is my client?” Braun said, sounding testy. He called Bieber’s cell phone and yelled, “Where are you?” When he hung up, he said, cheerfully, “I said, ‘O.K., you asked to be trusted and you blew it.’ Now he goes on what I call probation. He has to have somebody come to his house every workday.”

The star eventually arrived, and Braun watched the “Boyfriend” taping from the wings. Afterward, he passed Bieber in the hall. “You went the wrong way,” Braun said.
“When you first did this thing”—Braun executed a dance step—“on the breakdown? You went the opposite of everyone else for the first step.”
Bieber seemed to find the criticism nitpicky. He asked softly, “Who cares, though?”
Braun had been consulting with the film editors. “I’m just gonna take it out,” he said. “It was a great performance. I’m just going to take that one thing out.”

cititi-l, mai ales daca sunteti implicati in industria divertismentului in oricare forma ar fi implicarea. articolul integral e aici

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