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writer’s wife, by paul auster

No doubt you are a flawed and wounded person, a man who has carried a wound in him from the very beginning (why else would you have spent the whole of your adult life bleeding words onto a page?), and benefits you derive from alcohol and tobacco serve as crutches to keep your crippled self upright and moving through the world. Self medication, as your wife calls it. Unlike your mother’s mother, she does not want you to be different. Your wife tolerates your weaknesses and does not rant or scold, and if she worries it is only because she wants you to live forever. You count the reasons why you have held her close to you for so many years, and surely this is one of them, one of the bright stars in the vast constellation of enduring love.

Paul Auster, Winter Journal

incep sa citesc Winter Journal si cind am aruncat cartea pe pat s-a deschis la pagina cu citatul asta. la fix sa-mi aduc aminte cit de mult imi place Auster

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12 years ago / Reply

Imi aminteste si de ce il iubesc EU pe Auster 🙂 Cred ca imi va placea. Intre timp, pana fac rost, am de recuperat cu Sunset Park :).

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