ce spun tacerile cind nu vrei sa spui nimic?

Christina Ricci didn’t want to talk about her father, and though I try to avoid yes or no answers, in this case you still get the sense of her hurt in the shortness of her responses.

Q: What’s your relationship with your father today?

Ricci: I haven’t talked with him in six years.

Q; Are you sorry about that?

Ricci: No

Q: Does he ever try to contact you?

Ricci: No.


un fragment din The art of the interview a lui Lawrence Grobel, un exemplu bun despre cum – daca esti bine pregatit/documentat si ai bune intentii – poti sa arati personalitatea celui pe care-l intervievezi si din tacerile lui.

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11 years ago / Reply

Poți să faci acest lucru numai dacă ești foarte bine documentat înainte…

11 years ago / Reply

Multam de recomandare, aveam nevoie 🙂

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