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despre a imbatrini frumos… si cool

La sfirsit de an e moment de bilant si de ginduri pentru viitor.

Viitor inseamna si maturizare – ca sa nu zic a imbatrini, desi toti asta facem de la o zi la alta: mai imbatrinim putin.

Pentru acest sfirsit de an, ca o motivatie despre cum putem trece peste ani intr-o forma frumoasa, fara frustrari, fara spaime, vi-o prezint pe Linda Rodin – un fost model, acum stilist si creator de produse anti imbatrinire – care are 67 de ani.

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Has the definition of beauty changed for you since your early modeling days? And if it has, how so? 
Well, I think the difference now is that natural beauty is a thing of the past. Everybody seems so enhanced by retouching. You look at a magazine cover and you don’t even know who it is. Everybody has the same face and poreless skin. So I think that the definition of beauty is kind of fake; we don’t really know what we’re looking at anymore. You’re at a shoot and it’s: “Don’t worry about that, we’ll retouch it. Don’t worry about that. Can we retouch that?” You didn’t used to be able to do all that. I think everything is so redone. But I think it’s also loosened up; hair can be a mess. Earlier, the hair was more coiffed and now the messier your hair is, the better it looks. For me, it has not changed. The same girls who I would find beautiful when I was 20 I think would be the same now.


What are some of your favorite foods? What’s your diet, if you could sum it up? 
I eat the same thing every day. I eat organic romaine lettuce, mixed with organic avocados and an organic hard-boiled egg. I have some kind of organic fish or salmon. It doesn’t have to be organic; I’m not a nut about it, but I do the best I can. I have really good Italian olive oil, coarse salt, and sometimes I’ll have bread and cheese. And I always have two glasses of crisp white wine.

puteti citi aici un amplu interviu cu Linda Rodin din Vogue.


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