Diane von Furstenberg in Newsweek

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a very mysterious thing. I really think it’s not fashion that influences the world, but what’s in the street that influences fashion. It’s a reflection of our time.

What did you think about the presidential candidates’ fashion choices?
I thought that was such an exciting moment. Watching that has been the highlight of … a while.

But who did you like?
Oh! Obama, of course. That’s why it’s been such an extraordinary moment.

How many wrap dresses have you sold?
Oh my God, millions, millions, millions.

What makes it such a classic?
In times of uncertainty, I think the wrap dress becomes an even more important friend. It’s flattering. And wrapping is a reassuring thing.

*celebra ca designer, feminista si wonderwoman, Diane von Furstenberg a scos o carte de … benzi desenate, “The Adventures of Diva, Viva and Fifa”.

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