Inspiratie via Dave Gahan si Frida Giannini

Dave Gahan (dl Depeche Mode) a intervievat-o pe Frida Giannini (directoarea de creatie Gucci) pentru Interview Magazine
e foarte fain interviul, il puteti aici

GAHAN: What inspires me is usually very visual— and it sounds like inspiration works like that for you, too. Where do you get inspiration from these days?

GIANNINI: Well, you know, inspiration for a designer can come from many different sides and directions, because you can be inspired by a place after a trip, or by an exhibition of art, or from music, as we were mentioning before, or from movies, from films. You can also be influenced by an age, like the ’60s or ’70s. This year, for example, I feel more ’90s, or I want to see something more futuristic. So there’s not a specific rule I would say, because every six months I need to think of something new. It really depends on your mood or your personal life sometimes . . . I can tell you that sometimes I live a very good moment and I’m very joy- ful and optimistic, so I can see more bright colors in my collection. [laughs] Other times I feel so depressed and so sad and I see a lot of darkness. So it really depends. Of course, there are certain rules you have to operate by in terms of markets, and for summer and for winter. But at the end of the day, you are a person and you put a lot of yourself into the clothes. You know, I can never decide what I am going to wear on the day of the show. It depends a lot on which mood I wake up in that day, so I never know. You just never know. I think this is interest- ing for this job, no?

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