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There are many reasons why I photograph dancers. At the root is the challenge. The challenge to me AND the challenge to the dancer. Each image I shoot in the studio or “out there” is the result of collaboration. A while back a professional dancer at a prestigious dance company commented after looking at an image on my laptop “I did not know I was that good” I knew at that moment that my work had made a positive difference in her life.

That scenario has grown and repeated itself many times until now I consciously push dancers beyond where they think they can go. Not to the point of risking injury but artistically and athletically beyond their self imposed limits. In this process I push myself as well. They are always pleased with the results!

Another reason I photograph dancers is to show the world what 15 to 20 years of daily training can do. When you watch a ballet dancer on stage you have a certain level of appreciation. But because the dancer moves continuously from pose to pose and from pose to jump, you never see the details. I freeze those beautiful moments so that the world can appreciate the details: the lines of the body, the position of the foot, or the beautiful smile that masks an incredible effort or even pain. All of these skills have been developed and honed in class after class over many years.

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Superb! pur si simplu…de contemplat.

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