sa nu alergi dupa ce fac altii

Photography has evolved as well in a sense that there are more photographers now than ever.

Digital has been the great leveler. Anyone can afford a relatively decent camera these days and the number of images being uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram per second is mind blowing. We are living in an all-exposing age. We see and have access real time to anything and everything that we all do. This is one of the most significant changes in the world of photography.

When we first started we had no idea what other photographers were doing or what their portfolios might be like. Editorial line-ups were a total secret. Now they are splashed all over the place in a sneak peek behind the scenes kind of way. We need only click to see what the world is doing in real time. I think this makes people produce work faster and in a more disposable way.

I try to stay level headed in the face of all this imagery. I try to make pictures that come from my own vision and inspiration. It is not always easy, but I believe if you stay true to yourself and do not chase others you will be happier for it. You will find that you have an endless well of inspiration that comes from within.


e un raspuns dintr-un interviu dat de fotografa andrea gentl, specializata in fotografii despre mincare. l-am postat aici pentru ca e inspirational, mai ales in ultima lui parte. aceea cu a incerca sa fii constant si corect cu propria viziune, fara sa alergi dupa ce fac altii.

e greu de tinut echilibrul asta. vi-l doresc, cum mi-l doresc si mie.

si inca un raspuns pentru cei pasionati de fotografie: o ocazie buna pentru a descoperi / a va reaminti niste fotografi minunati

I adore Irving Penn for his brilliant simplicity and timeless photographs. His work informs many a photographer and art director. I love Sally Mann for her dark, cerebral, intimate portraits and landscapes. I look to Emmet Gowin’s early work for emotional inspiration and to Morandi the Italian painter for composition. I look more at fine art photographers than contemporary ones these days but from my many talented peers, if I had to pick a few I admire, I would say Frederic Legrange for his gorgeous travel,Henrik Knudsen for is stark Nordic light, Ditte Isager for her unwavering style, Marcus Nilsson for his gritty and real approach to food and Anna Williams for her impeccableVoracity project.


intregul interviu aici

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