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DM_CoverDemi Moore Q&A

Demi Moore Q&A

am mai scris despre cum e sa o vezi pe Demi Moore de la citiva metri distanta, dar cum acum in octombrie intra pe piata noastra produsele pe care le-a creat pentru Oriflame, gama More by Demi, m-am gindit sa scot de la sertar un mic Q&A dintre raspunsurile pe care le-a dat pt Oriflame


1.      What beauty products could you not live without?
Mascara, moisturizer and lip balm

2.      What is more important for you, skin care, body care, or hair care, and why?
I think they are all equally important.

3.      What is your daily beauty regime?
I prefer a low-maintenance approach. Every day I cleanse and moisturize my skin in the morning and night using fragrance-free, simple, pure products.

4.      What would you do if you only have 5 minutes for evening make up?
I would put on some foundation, blush, mascara and an evening lip color.

5.      What is your hair care routine? Do you have some secrets how to keep hair beautiful and shiny?
If I’m not working or going to an event, I don’t blow dry my hair, or flat iron it, or curl it. I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine, so I find giving it a break from those stressors really helps to keep it healthy.

6.      What is your favorite hairstyle? Straight or wavy?
I like both it all depends on the mood.

7.      You must spend a lot of time travelling. What are your beauty tips for a long flight?
I drink a lot of water and moisturize my skin.

8.      What are your tips for red carpet glamour and what do you do to prepare in the lead up to a big event?
When you feel good on the inside, you feel great on the outside.

9. Who are your style icons?
Coco Chanel and Katherine Hepburn just to name a few classics…

si ca un mic sfat, daca-l acceptati, este f f bun gelul de dus din gama (care are trusa de make-up, luciu de par, gel de dus, crema de corp, parfum, geanta , colier si cercei). unul dintre cele mai bune geluri de dus dintre ce am folosit eu de-a lungul timpului.

cum s-a vazut Demi Moore din perspectiva mea puteti citi aici

DM_CoverFace to face with Demi Moore

Face to face with Demi Moore

(romanian version, here)

When you’re thinking of Demi Moore scenes from Ghost, A Few Good men, Indecent Proposal come to mind. If you’re a man, maybe the lascivious dance from Striptease or the forceful seduction ritual from Disclosure.

Your instinct is telling you: That’s a strong, determined woman. Even the pictures from the commercials of the products she’s been promoting or the photo sessions from the magazines all over the world show her as a determined woman with a powerful firmness in her eyes.

But the perspective changes when Demi Moore is in front of. You can feel her shyness. You can find the way she covers her chest when she speaks.

At the end of August, Oriflame launched in Stockholm the most luxurious line of products celebrating 45 years on the market, in collaboration with the American actress: More by Demi.  As part of the promoting campaign, Demi Moore was present in front of 100 journalists and more than 5000 people at the Gold conference – the anniversary of the company. And everybody could remark her timidity.

“You’d be surprised to discover how nervous I can be when speaking in front of so many people”, she admitted with her unmistakable voice, nasal, vocals pushing the air through the nose as a race horse.

She’s practical, wears her nails short, in a dark shade nail wear matching her black dress with white and red stripes that fits her envied body. Though, her shoes are golden with high, slim heels and on her ankle you can see a small tattoo.

I was thinking Demi Moore has a practical side that fits so well the activism she’s been doing lately, producing a miniseries on abortions for HBO and creating a foundation that fights sexual slavery, but what amazed me was her honesty when it comes technology.

“I’m more interested in meeting people directly. With so much technology we tend to come apart one from the other. That’s why I like the Oriflame concept so much: when you love something, you want to share it directly, through human connection.”

These words come from someone who’s using technology with grace and perfection, in a way that speaks rather about taking control than about informing: Demi Moore has over 2 million fans on Facebook and 5,5 million followers on Twitter and at the beginning of 2012 she launched, together with her friend Amanda De Cadenet a show with interviews which they mainly promote through a web platform: theconversation.tv

“The best thing when you’re coming from nothing is that you have nothing to lose. When we think of people we name courageous, or fear free, or risk takers it doesn’t mean they don’t feel fear anymore, it means they took the fear and transformed it in something they want it to be”, Demi Moore explained looking back at the timidity she felt at the beginning of her career.

At 17 she dropped high school for a modeling career. A year later she married musician Freddy Moore, and when only 18 she had already a small part in a movie.

“When I was fifteen I wanted to be an actress. It was my dream, but it was not only about acting. It was then when I met a beautiful actress that was very confident of herself (Demi Moore was living in the same building with Nastassja Kinski who inspired her) and I wanted to have her confidence. I thought confidence would come with acting; I wanted it as much as I wanted to be part of a community.”

Few years from her big screen debut she had become the best paid actress in the world – 12, 5 millions of dollars for her role in Striptease –, and one of the most wanted stars.

“It’s impossible to go beyond where you are and take control if you don’t get out of your comfort zone, and like everybody else I had to go out of it to be a better person. I am able to stay here in front of so many people because I conquered one more element of my fear”.

Of course you know these things in theory, but you never think a woman like Demi Moore, who’s both Oscar and Golden Globe nominated, who’s hunted by paparazzi and whose life means for many people the sheer embodiment of success, can be this shy. I had seen this type of shyness at many actors. The explanation lies, I’ve been told, in that when they’re filming, they do things easily because they’re trained, they had rehearsed so that the words and gestures of a character become their own. But when taken out of their medium they feel vulnerable. At some level, this happens to us, ordinary people. When taken out of our comfort zone we become fragile.

This is why I think what Demi Moore accomplished is so fit for the concept of the Oriflame campaign. More by Demi means taking life moments and transforming them in fairy tales: you can be both Cinderella and Snow White.

“Sometimes you can do extraordinary, inspiring things just to be in a story, other times it’s OK to play with the elements in your life just to get where you want to. The truth in fairy tales is always adversity, yet there is always magic and there’s always a reward for overcoming. I think this is what More is about.”

The truth is that however big we are, however successful, we’re all ordinary people at home. And however glamorous, strong and invincible the stars seem to us happens also because we always see them as heroes in a story, with all that involves, from script to costumes and make-up.

We can also cheat a little. With the right make up, with a good perfume, with accessories that bring out our personality. It’s the same thing the stars we’re looking up to are doing.

The most beautiful thing Demi Moore said?

“It is said you believe when you see it, but the truth is you’ll see it when you believe… because it is our belief that comes first and the results second. You have to believe to see it.”

More by Demi, the new Oriflame line consists of  make-up kit, shower gel, body lotion, perfume, a bag, a necklace and earrings. They’re available in the October Oriflame catalogue.

The concept: Everything is possible. You can be anything you desire in your imagination. Fantasize on what you want to be: more glamorous, happier, it’s just more.

sept 2012.

Romanian version, here.

DM_CoverCu Demi Moore in fata

Cu Demi Moore in fata

(english version, here)

Cind te gindesti la Demi Moore iti vin in minte imagini din Ghost, A Few Good men, Indecent Proposal. Poate – daca esti barbat – dansul lasciv din Striptease sau seductia in forta din Disclosure. Instinctul iti spune ca e o femeie hotarita, puternica. Chiar si fotografiile din reclamele produselor pe care le-a promovat sau din sedintele foto pentru reviste din toata lumea, o arata cu o privire ferma, hotarita.

Cind Demi Moore e in fata ta perspectiva se schimba si ii poti simti timiditatea. In gesturile cu care-si acopera bustul in timp ce vorbeste.

La sfirsitul lui august, Oriflame a lansat la Stockholm, la aniversarea a 45 de ani ai companiei, cea mai luxoasa gama din istoria sa, in colaborare cu actrita americana: More by Demi. Parte din promovarea gamei, Demi Moore a fost prezenta in fata a 100 de jurnalisti din toata lumea, la o conferinta de presa, dar si in fata a peste 5000 de oameni la conferinta Gold – aniversara a companiei. Si toata lumea a remarcat timiditatea ei.

“Ati fi surprinsi, daca ati descoperi cit de stresata sunt cind vorbesc in fata a multi oameni”, a admis repede cu vocea-i pe care ai recunoaste-o dintr-o mie, nazala, cu vocalele care par ca imping aerul catre nas ca la un cal de rasa.

E o femeie practica – isi purta unghiile scurte, lacuite intr-o culoare inchisa, asortate cu rochia neagra cu dungi roshii si albe, care-i urma linia corpului atit de invidiat. Avea insa niste pantofi aurii, cu un toc fin si foarte inalt, iar pe glezna se zarea un tatuaj mic.

Partea practica a lui Demi Moore o intuiam – sa mina-n mina cu militantismul (a produs pentru HBO o mini serie in patru episoade despre avort si a creat o fundatie care lupta impotriva sclaviei sexuale), dar ce m-a uimit a fost raportarea onesta la tehnologie.

“Ma preocupa mai mult intilnirile directe intre oameni, cu atit de multa tehnologie ne indepartam foarte mult unii de altii. De asta imi place conceptul Oriflame: cind iti place ceva, vrei sa-l imparti cu altcineva intr-un mod direct, de la om la om.“

Vorbele astea vin de la cineva care utilizeaza exemplar tehnologia, intr-o forma care vorbeste deja de a prelua controlul, nu de a informa: are peste 2 milioane de fani pe facebook si 5,5 milioane de followers pe twitter, iar la inceputul acestui an a lansat impreuna cu prietena ei, Amanda de Cadenet un show de interviuri  a carui promovare se bazeaza foarte mult pe o platforma web: theconversation.tv

“Cel mai bun lucru cind nu ai nimic de la inceput e ca nu ai ce pierde. Am avut acest privilegiu. Cei mai multi oameni pe care noi ii numim curajosi sau ca isi asuma riscuri, nu inseamna ca nu mai simt frica; inseamna ca au reusit sa transforme frica in ceea ce vor ei sa fie”, si-a mai explicat Demi timiditatea facind trimitere la inceputurile carierei ei.

La 17 ani a renuntat la liceu si-a plecat sa faca o cariera in modeling, s-a casatorit un an mai tirziu cu muzicianul Freddy Moore, iar la 18 ani deja avea un mic rol intr-un film.

“Cind aveam 15 am vrut sa fiu actrita. A fost visul meu, dar n-a fost  vorba doar de actorie. Atunci am intilnit o frumoasa actrita care era foarte increzatoare in ea (nota mea. locuia in aceeasi cladire cu Nastassja Kinski care a inspirat-o) si imi doream sa am si eu increderea ei. Am crezut ca increderea vine odata cu actoria, imi doream asta, cum imi doream sa fiu parte dintr-o comunitate. Acum, daca ma uit inapoi, am avut incredere si mai am, o buna parte din viata, si fac parte dintr-o comunitate frumoasa.”

In citiva ani de la debut a ajuns cea mai bine platita actrita din lume, cu 12, 5 milioane de dolari pentru filmul Striptease si una dintre cele mai cautate vedete pentru campanii publicitare sau aparitii pe coperte de revista.

“E imposibil sa mergi mai departe si sa incepi sa preiei controlul daca nu iesi din zona de confort si, ca toata lumea, incerc sa fiu un om mai bun. Astazi pot sa stau in fata atit de multor oameni pentru ca am cucerit inca o parte din  frica mea.”

Sigur ca stii lucrurile astea din teorie, dar nu te gindesti ca o femeie ca Demi Moore care are nominalizari la Oscar, la Globurile de aur, care e vinata de paparazzi si a carei viata inseamna pentru multi ideea de succes – e atit de timida. Am mai vazut genul acesta de fragilitate, de timiditate la multi actori si mi-a fost explicata prin faptul ca pe scena, pe platourile de filmare, ei fac lucrurile mai usor pentru care au fost antrenati, au repetat pina cind au ajuns ca vorbele si gesturile sa fie “ale lor”; scosi insa din mediul lor se simt vulnerabili. Intr-un fel se intimpla si cu noi – civilii –  acelasi lucru, scosi din zona de confort, suntem fragili, gata sa ne spargem.

De asta mi se pare ca ceea ce a facut Demi Moore cu viata ei se potriveste teribil cu conceptul campaniei Oriflame, More by Demi in care momente din viata sunt transformate in basme: e cind Cenusareasa, cind Alba ca zapada.

“Uneori poti sa faci lucruri extraordinare, inspirationale ca sa fii intr-o poveste, alteori e ok sa te joci cu elementele din viata ta ca sa fii acolo unde iti doresti. Adevarul este ca in povesti ai intotdeauna situatii antagonice, ai intotdeauna magie, dar este o recompensa la sfirsit. Cred ca despre asta este MORE.”

Adevarul e ca , oricit de mari ar fi, oricit de celebri si de succes, acasa sunt oameni obisnuiti. Si daca noua ne par glamurosi, puternici, invincibili e si pentru ca ii vedem intotdeauna eroi intr-o poveste. Cu tot ce inseamna ea, de la scenariu la costume si make-up.

Dar putem trisa si noi putin: cu make-up potrivit, cu un parfum fin, cu accesorii care sa ne scoata personalitatea in evidenta. Si ele – vedetele la care rivnim – fac acelasi lucru.

Cel mai frumos lucru pe care l-a spus Demi?

“Se spune ca nu crezi pina cind nu vezi, dar adevarul e ca ai sa vezi cind ai sa crezi… pentru ca mai intii este credinta si totul vine din ea. Trebuie sa crezi ca sa vezi cu adevarat.”

Gama Oriflame, More by Demi contine trusa de farduri, gel de dus, crema de corp, parfum, geanta si cercei. Toate vor fi disponibile in catalogul Oriflame din octombrie

english version here

demi_mooreDemi Moore divorteaza

Demi Moore divorteaza

faptul ca Demi Moore divorteaza nu e o stire pentru blogul meu… la prima vedere.

dar stirea imi permite sa incerc sa va arat o alta fatza a unei relatii.

Demi e una dintre cele mai intelepte femei de la Hollywood (cred ca si mai desteapta, dar nu vrea sa-si faca PR pe IQ ca Sharon Stone), iar mariajul ei cu Ashton Kutcher era unul frumos.

stiu ca o sa ziceti ca era o diferenta mare de virsta (in buletin era), dar cred ca virsta emotionala dintre cei doi era undeva pe aproape; Kutcher e mult mai matur decit lasa sa se vada chipul lui de pustan (ginditi-va ca a creat si produs unele dintre cele mai de succes emisiuni de la MTV si ca e de multa vreme milionar), Demi e tinara nu doar in chipul tratat in clinici, ci si in spirit… si are o intelepciune care o mentine “actuala” pe care o ghicesti din lucruri de genul ” a serbat craciunul cu fostul sot, fetele lor, actualul sot si iubita fostului sot”

imi placea iubirea lor; putea fi o lectie despre cum poti sa dealuiesti in viata o multime de intilniri care, aparent, n-au un timing perfect.

dar… asta e; orice inceput are si un sfirsit. tocmai ce a dat un frumos comunicat in care scrie

“It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton. As a woman, a mother and a wife there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life.”

adica PR.

demi ellenParinti si copii – dileme

Parinti si copii – dileme

saptamina asta sunt in presa internationala doua texte foarte simpatice despre relatia dintre parinti si copii.
unul e in TIME si demonstreaza stiintific ca parintii nu pot fi obiectivi cind au mai multi copii, favorinzind unul.
aici doar teasingul, textul The science of favoritism poate fi citit in print (revista e la chiosuri si la noi) sau daca aveti abonament, dar chiar trebuie citit de parintii cu mai multi copii.

cel de-al doilea articole e de fapt un interviu in trei, realizat de echipa filmului Another Happy Day: Sam Levinson (regizor), Ellen Barkin si Demi Moore (actrite). iata un fragment din interviu.

SAM LEVINSON: Mothers in general drive us crazy. As actors who play mothers in this film, and as women who are mothers in real life, do you fear that perception?

ELLE BARKIN: In other words, will our children say we’re driving them crazy? I think inherent in the job of mothering is that you must drive your kids crazy.

DEMI MOORE: And that you’ll make mistakes. As much as you do not ever want to make mistakes, I think inevitably you will do something that has affected your children in a way you never intended.

EB: That’s what was interesting about my role in Another Happy Day—I was actually playing a mother who had all the best intentions and approached things horribly. I actually love that question because I can speak about it personally, but I can also speak about it very specifically in terms of this film. I don’t think any of us have ill intentions concerning our children unless you’re a horrible person. I know in my real life I’ve gotten it wrong, but what do you do? Nobody’s perfect. You apologize, you try to explain your motives, you hope you’re forgiven and that the damage you think you’ve done or might have actually done is not too profound.

DM: What’s interesting in the film is that these two women have some opposition, but the truth is that they’re both seeking the same thing, which is just to be heard and to be appreciated. And if you really look, in a way it is the thread tying everybody together.

puteti citi intregul interviu aici, e foarte simpatic

interviul care e cover story pentru revista Gotham e insotit de un pictorial cu Ellen Barkin si Demi Moore senzational; negru pe negru, o tehnica foarte greu de realizat, mai ales ca trebuie sa obtii volume si texturi pentru materialele hainelor…

iata fotografiile


twitter: de la larry king si oprah la kevin spacey, kevin smith sau demi moore

In vacanta asta am descoperit twitter-ul.

M-a certat Florin Grozea (Trebuia să facă gălăgie Ashton si cu Larry King ca să îi convingem si pe jurnalistii români…), dar in week endul in care eu incercam sa deslusesc tainele twitterului, invatau acelasi lucru Larry King, Oprah, Perez Hilton. asa ca am avut o companie dragutza:)

Primele cuvinte pe care le-am tastat au fost la find people:
kevin spacey a fost primul pe care l-am gasit.

Apoi am cautat jurnalistii preferati: susan orlean a fost prima victorie in categoria asta. (mike sager si alex kotlowitz n-au cont, are insa “escrocul” de malcom gladwell)

Intre timp sunt 50 de nume pe care le urmaresc (locale si internationale) si daca as lucra la ziar, as avea stiri de scris:

Susan Orlean scrie o carte despre mexico, plecind de la magari. Fiul ei de patru ani i-a dat voie sa plece in mexico dar…”doar pentru 5 min”.
(aici unul dintre articolele lui orlean, care printre altele e doamna care a scris Hotul de orhidee – carte transformata in filmul Adaptation)

Demi Moore a mobilizat in citeva clipe citeva mii de oameni care au trimis mesaje simultane catre un pusti bolnav de cancer “mrskutcher U R all amazing he has gone up in followers & when he gets all of UR personal messages I know U will have uplifted his day his week his life”

Actorul Stephen Fry si-a schimbat o plomba, Kevin Spacey e cu una din productiile sale londoneze pe Broadway si miine se duce la TV sa o promoveze, Kevin Smith (care cind nu e regizor, e printre scenaristii preferati ai lui Tarantino) e certat cu iubita si si-a petrecut toata noaptea jucind nush ce joc pe computer, iar Jamie Oliver (bucatarul simpatic) si-a petrecut we cu familia mai mult prin gradina, la joaca.

E distractiv cu twitter dar, dupa ce-i trece flama, va fi distructiv: ori va omori pe unii, ori va fi omorit.


Mai devreme susan orlean scria “Just wondering: What happens to someone’s Twitter/Facebook account when they die? (Sadly, have recent reason to wonder).”

Si pentru ca si eu mi-am pus intrebarea asta cu citeva luni in urma, nu mi s-a mai parut o intimplare ca Susan e pe lista mea de iubiti minuitori de cuvinte .


Britain’s Got Talent – Susan Boyle: efecte colaterale

mai intii a fost aparitia in emisiunea tv de la britanici, Britain’s Got Talent, (megastarul lor), apoi clipul pe youtube , link-uri pe facebook, pe twitter, endorsement din partea vedetei netului in acest moment ( ashton kutcher a comentat pe twitter punind link-ul la clip “This just made my night”) si a sotiei lui suportive (demi moore cu replica tot pe twitter: “You saw it made me teary!” ), peste 25 de milioane de vizionari pe youtube, articole in presa din toata lumea, ( the guardian preferatul meu, ca de obicei)

in 3 zile a dat 60 de interviuri, a fost invitata la CNN si la Oprah. a intrat in direct la toate emisiunile importante din anglia si statele unite.

si-acum drept efect colateral au sarit sacalii;
Max Clifford – PR-ul sacal care a reprezentat-o si pe vedeta bigbrother care si-a vindut presei ultimele zile din viata- face comentarii in presa si probabil ca o va reprezenta curind.
youtube te obliga sa mergi pe pagina lui ca sa vezi inregistrarea ca sa-si controleze bine traficul pe acest nume.
au aparut intrebari despre cine o sa-i ecranizeze povestea.
“ratzusca cea urita si matura, care are succes peste noapte si se transforma intr-o lebada”
femeia nu are inca antrenamentul interviurilor in presa, iar raspunsurile ei scurte si directe sunt delicioase prin inocenta lor.
“am 47 de ani si n-am fost maritata, nici macar sarutata”

interpretarea ei din show are o energie speciala. m-am uitat de citeva ori si de fiecare data mi-au dat lacrimile, desi din cauza entuziasmului celor din sala nu o poti auzi cum cinta foarte exact.

e ceva magic pe acolo. si din magie multi vor scoate bani.


ashton kutcher vs cnn = twitter promotion

Acum citeva zile Ashton Kutcher a anuntat ca se ia la intrecere cu CNN care dintre ei ajunge primul la 1 mil de followers pe twitter.
Associated Press avea (prima) stire (in sectiunea divertisment) cu declaratiile lui Kutcher si oficialilor CNN.

ieri Oprah Winfrey il invita pe kutcher in emisiune, se inscrie pe twitter, il ajuta pe sotul doamnei Demi Moore sa- si atinga obiectivul (milionul) si face promovare noii platforme de conexiune in doar 160 de caractere.

doar Time (si el cu cont pe twitter) citeaza un oficial dintre cei care inteleg cum e cu business-u asta cu netul: “nu putem face dovada ca in acest moment nu se fac bani cu/prin/din twitter.”

kutcher ca de obicei da dovada de geniu si de nebunie, fiind ilustrarea cea mai buna a expresiei “think big”.

mi-am fct cont pe twitter, ii urmaresc si pe Kutcher si pe CNN.
dar si pe kevin spacey, new york times, the guardian :)

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