o lectie despre sa nu te dai batut(a)

ii stiti pe fratii Wachowski, cei care au schimbat cinematografia cu Matrix. ati crede ca le e usor si ca pot avea orice pe lumea asta pentru proiectele lor.

data viitoare cind credeti ca nu va iese ceva pentru ca voi sunteti cei mai ghinionisti din lume, pentru ca sunteti mici si necunoscuti, amintiti-va ceea ce veti citi mai jos.

si dupa ce cititi, duceti-va sa vedeti filmul pentru care au muncit atit, Cloud Atlas.

ceea ce veti citi mai jos e o lectie buna despre daca ai incredere in ceea ce faci, daca faci cu pasiune si inteligenta , ai sa gasesti o cale sa-ti duci visul la capat. pentru ca nimanui nu-i e usor, doar ca unii persevereaza mai mult decit altii.

AVC: You spent years trying to get Cloud Atlas funded, while working on other projects. How do you maintain excitement for one project over such a long period, especially while working on other films?

AW: Well it’s extremely difficult.

LW: There’s three of us. That helps.

AW: We’re a collective. Whenever somebody’s down—or in this case, often two people were down, and the third always seemed to yell at us to keep going, “Get on your feet!” Sometimes we would all be down. There was this one period where we ended up saying, “Okay, this probably isn’t going to happen. But why don’t we read the script one more time. If there is any doubt in our minds, we’ll let it go.” And we all separately read the script, and we all separately had this elation from reading, and we were like, “Okay, we ought to give this one more chance.”

LW: The more we worked on it, the more intensely we loved it. To the point where there was this feeling, even after three years, that no matter what happened, somehow we were going to get this movie made. There would be huge, depressing setbacks and challenges where [financial backers] would say, “I’m in,” and then a month later, they would go, “I’m out.” And we’d say, “You can’t, we have a contract,” and they would say, “Sue us.” I mean, like, that kind of collapse.

AW: And this happened all the way up until the moment the actors were supposed to fly out to Berlin to start costuming.

LW: We were supposed to deposit money in their accounts, and we didn’t have it, because the bank wouldn’t close the loan, because suddenly we had—

AW: We had a financing gap with one of our investors, I think in Spain. Like, they went bankrupt. So we ended up putting our own money in.

LW: We had to put the houses up to bridge the gap. And we didn’t even—it wasn’t even a long discussion. It was instantaneous. We were going to make the movie. It was too close, it was too important, and really, we were too much in love with it. We would do anything for this movie.

AVC: What percentage of the budget did you end up having to put up yourself?

LW: Well, we waived all our fees—

AW: It’s complicated, because we have our companies that have put money into it, and then we also had to put money in personally.

LW: All over, we’re probably well over 10 percent of the budget.

AW: Close to 7 million bucks or something like that.

AVC: Did you have similar problems with the actors, as the financing years went on, where people agreed to be in it and then dropped out?

LW: Well, there were some actors who were a little terrified of the material and the idea of playing six parts. And a couple people chickened out. But in general, the actors who were committed were as ferociously and fearlessly committed as we were. They flew—even though their agents called them and said, “They don’t have the money, the money’s not closed”—

AW: Advising them not to fly, not to get on the plane—

LW: Every single time, Tom Hanks was the first who said, “I’m getting on the plane.” And then once he said he was getting on the plane, basically everyone said, “Well, Tom’s on the plane, we’re on the plane.” And so everyone flew [to Berlin to begin the film]. It was like this giant leap of faith. From all over the globe.

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lectia nu este cumva despre “CUM” sa nu te dai batut/a? 😀

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