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Giuseppe Tornatore – despre The Best Offer

e in cinematografe de saptamina trecuta un film pe care ar trebui sa-l vedeti: The Best Offer. daca ramineti in Bucuresti in week end-ul asta va rog duceti-va la cinematograf… ca sa va conving iata 3 dintre declaratiile regizorului filmului despre munca lui pentru acest film.


 I take inspiration from hundreds of things. Among these there was one idea that I had when I first began working in Rome. It was the story of an agoraphobic girl but I had never used it because it never seemed quite mature as an idea.

Seven or eight years ago, I wrote down a note for a character that was based on an auctioneer, but I could never find the right context for him and I wasn’t able to develop it further. One day when I was organising my notes and ideas, these two notes came together next to each other and I realised they had a kind of inherent attraction. That’s how the new narrative came about. It was different and went beyond either of the original stories, but they somehow fed off each other. I had it read and I soon got a ‘yes’ to produce the film. 


Well… the best offer, at an auction, is the highest price you are willing to pay to have an object. In the transaction, however, the lowest price is what the seller is prepared to accept to close the deal. In love, what are we willing to do? Apart from the protagonist’s actions, the point is that he learns to love totally and unconditionally. He comes to depend on that. 


Si face referire doar la o parte foarte mica din acest film:)

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11 years ago / Reply

Mi-a placut, desi la un moment dat era exasperant. Putin credibil totusi ca o persoana cu o asemenea experienta sa se lasa implicat intr-un asemenea joc. But never say never!

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